Can children's sunglasses be worn for children?

- Jul 20, 2018-

In addition to the hot weather, cool wear and sun protection in the streets, one summer brings people. Among them, sunglasses are the choice of many people. Some people wear sunglasses for concave shape, and some people wear sunglasses to resist the sinister sun. So what about children? Can children wear a variety of toy sunglasses on the market? Is it harmful? Below our experts for everyone to answer.

Experts advise: Do not wear children's toy sunglasses for children. Because toy sunglasses are mostly plastic colored glasses, not only the process is very rough, but also the light transmittance is poor, but also blurred, can not block ultraviolet rays, although it seems to have the same brown lenses. This kind of sunglasses not only can not protect the eyes, but will increase the burden of adjustment of the child's eyes, affect the normal development of visual function, cause visual fatigue, cause myopia, amblyopia and so on.

To choose a polarized lens, and the color of the lens is preferably gray or smoked, do not select some "tidal" color lenses, such as yellow or red lenses.

According to experts, the child's developmental stage is stable at 4 years old, so do not choose colored lenses. Children's amblyopia not only affects children's learning and life. Seriously affects the child's future.

Therefore, if you only wear children's sunglasses for the sake of good looks, there is no need for that. And if it is because of special occasions or circumstances, to wear children's sunglasses for children, then you should pay attention to five points:

01|Children are not easy to wear sunglasses for a long time, under strong sunlight or special needs, wearing a short time;

02|Children's sunglasses lens is best to choose resin, PC and other damage-resistant materials, because many naughty children are easy to fall or collide, if the child's sunglasses lens is fragile, it is easy to make the child injured;

03|Children's sunglasses lens must ensure that it can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation. It is best to choose a product with 100% UV protection on the label;

04|Children's sunglasses should also pay attention to the choice of color. Generally, dark gray is preferred because they cause the smallest color distortion and the best color sense, and try to avoid choosing yellow or red lenses.

05|To purchase children's sunglasses, you must choose a formal way and a regular brand, because many inferior sunglasses are easy to cause damage to your child's eyes.