Can children wear sunglasses indoors?

- Jul 20, 2018-

Maybe you will think that the darker the color of the sunglasses, the sunshade will be better. But picking dark sunglasses is risky, and if you don't have UV-blocking sunglasses, it hurts your eyes. In addition, children are not suitable for wearing dark sunglasses indoors.

Children should not wear dark sunglasses indoors, otherwise it will damage the eyes.

Because the eyes will enlarge the pupil in a dark environment, more ultraviolet rays will be injected into the eyes, which will cause more damage to the child's eyes. In addition, red and orange lenses are not suitable for sunglasses. Red lenses have the worst UV absorption. It is best to choose medium-density high-quality polarized lenses such as green, gray and brown.

How to buy children's sunglasses

After the child is 7 years old, he can wear sunglasses when he goes out, but how to choose sunglasses that have UV protection and will not hurt your eyes? Lets come look.

1. Choose sunglasses with the “UV400” logo. The UV wavelength is below 400 nm. This mark indicates that it can resist UV rays.

2. Choose sunglasses with the “block all UV” logo.

3, the lens is suitable for gray, brown and green lenses. The color of the sunglasses lens is generally medium depth.

4. Put the sunglasses in front of your eyes, observe the original target through the lens, move the sunglasses up and down, and the target object will not oscillate and will deform.

5, the lens should be smooth, no ripples, no flaws, no blistering, no wear marks.