Do children need to wear sunglasses?

- Jul 20, 2018-

Most children need to wear sunglasses when the sun is strong. Because children's corneas and lenses are clearer than adults, ultraviolet rays are more likely to hit the retina, damage the corneal epithelium, and cause burns to the macular area of the retina.

However, children's visual development requires normal light to stimulate the macular area of the retina, otherwise it is likely to cause amblyopia. Therefore, the light transmittance of children's sunglasses can not be lower than 30%, when the light transmittance is less than 30%, it may not be able to ensure effective stimulation of the macular area of the retina.

In addition to the need to wear sunglasses for their own diseases, all other children can not be worn for a long time or regardless of occasions. Do not wear it for more than 1 hour when the sun is strong. Do not wear it indoors or in a cool place.

Because the child's visual function is not yet mature, more bright light and clear image stimulation are needed. The lens of the child's eyes is softer and more transparent than the adult, and can not withstand the ultraviolet rays. Children's eye sclera tissue is relatively soft. If the natural light that is injected into the eye is blocked during development and growth, it is easy to cause the axial length to prolong, the corneal protrusion or the lens is excessively raised, causing myopia, and severe cases may cause amblyopia. So try not to wear sunglasses for your child before the age of 6.