Does wearing sunglasses affect your eyesight?

- Jul 20, 2018-

The eye is the most sensitive part of the ultraviolet light. If it is exposed to the sun and does not do any sun protection, the eye will absorb ultraviolet light of various wavelengths, which will cause vision loss and cause ultraviolet conjunctivitis. Therefore, KO sunglasses can be turned out to become a must-have item for fashionable MM, and it has become a weapon for children to protect their vision. But this kind of sunglasses that have been given great effect, even after wearing it, makes children's vision drop! Simply shocked and cried.

Wearing a number of unqualified sunglasses will not only affect children's vision, but also induce some eye diseases.

Wearing a number of sunglasses can affect your child's eyesight and may cause your child's vision to blur or symptoms of visual fatigue. In fact, sunglasses with unqualified quality may cause your child's vision to drop after wearing.

Children wear unqualified sunglasses, and the pupils become larger because the lenses are blocked, so the luminous flux entering the eyes increases. However, because its UV projection ratio is higher than that of visible light, it can cause serious damage to children's eyes, leading to diseases such as keratitis and cataract.

When parents help their children to buy sunglasses, it is best to choose big-name, reliable quality sunglasses. When selecting, take a straight reference object as the standard, and slowly move the position after putting on the glasses. If a straight object is found to be bent, then such sunglasses should not be worn by the child.

How old is the child to wear sunglasses

Wear sunglasses for children, but you can't hold your mind, don't even pick sunglasses. In addition, if the outdoor temperature is relatively high, it is recommended that children stay indoors to protect their eyes and prevent heat stroke. Say how old a child can wear sunglasses?

Now in August, it is the peak of tourism. Some parents will take their children out to play. In order to block the glare, they may wear sunglasses for their children. Maybe parents will feed them to make them more cool and wear them. sunglasses.

However, children under the age of 7 are not suitable for wearing sunglasses. Children aged 3-6 are a critical period of visual development. Wearing sunglasses at this time may affect visual clarity, so parents are advised to wear sunglasses when they are 7 years old. In addition, in the violent outdoor sun, you can not wear sunglasses for more than 4 hours.