Designer Men Leopard Print Glasses

Name: Riggs
Model: 97130
Color: black tortoiseshell
Weight: 32g
Gender: Men

Product Details

Name: Riggs

Model: 97130

Color: black tortoiseshell

Weight: 32g 

Gender: Men 

Style: designer

Frame price: $20.95

Freight: free shipping

Material: mix & match



Riggs is a full frame in rectangle shape; one of the best sellers this month.

It’s designed with black on the top and leopard printing on the bottom, creates a mixed designer style to who is fond of this.

The hinge is firmly connect the rims and temples.

Detailed frame information is printed in white along the temples.

A cleaning cloths and carriable case will be sent to package the sunglasses.

Knowledge about over the counter glasses:

The single vision reading glasses have many names with similar function like non-prescription eyeglasses, ready readers. They are produced to decrease the pressure of near work, like reading the newspaper. Many places you could find them easily, such as medical shops, book stores and supermarkets, etc. these over counter eyeglasses are with the common prescription, whose strength is from 0.75 to 3.50. although these glasses could be the objects seen bigger, but they works only on focusing the image not magnification.

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