Men Blue Sports Glasses with Black Legs

Name: Lavinia
Model: A0114
Color: other pink black blue
Weight: 25g
Gender: Men

Product Details

Name: Lavinia

Model: A0114

Color: other pink black blue

Weight: 25g 

Gender: Men 

Style: sports

Frame price: $18.95

Freight: free shipping

Material: mix & match



Lavinia is full rim with sports style. Popular and simple to use in many circumstances.

Lavinia features in mixed colors that shows its own charm.

Resin material, easy to wear and pick.

A variety of colors are available for reference.

Welcome to visit.

Knowledge about base curve:

The base curve (which is usually determined by the front surface of ophthalmic lens) could be changed, so it could obtain the best vision and beauty characteristics in the whole surface of lens. Based on the reasons upside, the optometrist may choose to appoint a specially base curve. Great quantity of mathematical formulas and professional clinical experience will make optometrist and lens designer to ensure the most standardized and the characteristics curve that suitable for most people.

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