How To Choose Sunglasses Without Damaging Your Eyes

- Jul 20, 2018-

The beauty of the heart is there, of course, myopia can also wear sunglasses! So how do you choose sunglasses for myopia? Polarized sunglasses or myopia sunglasses? Is it wearing a pair of sunglasses on myopia glasses, or is it equipped with a pair of sunglasses with myopia?


Myopia choice sunglasses need to consider the diopter of the glasses. It is easy to choose a pair of sunglasses in myopia glasses, but the lenses are heavy, and the double-layer lenses are cumbersome. They are easy to shift or fall off during strenuous exercise. With a pair of sunglasses with myopia, the advantage is that it is lighter, more beautiful, and easy to fix.

About the depth of color

Toners with too light a color filter have a small effect; the color is too dark to affect vision. Ms. Ye believes that the color of brown, gray and dark green is moderate. Their filtering effect is better, and the scenes seen after wearing the mirror will only be darkened without significant color difference.

Appearance inspection

In addition to the lens can not be scratched, impurities, bubbles, stripes, Amy's lady must pay attention to the anti-UVA, UVB and CE marks on the mirror or tag to prevent UV.

Comfortable to wear

When buying sunglasses, don't follow the trend, but also choose the size and curvature of the glasses according to your face. In addition, when you try on it, you still need to see if you have a sense of dizziness. The degree of dialysis is not high, and it is better to have a polarizing function.