The Women Rimless Glasses Are One Type Of Glasses

- Jul 19, 2018-

The women rimless glasses are one type of glasses, because they are not supported by the frame on the periphery of the lens, but the frame without the frame directly supported by the temples on both sides, so it is called women rimless glasses. The women rimless glasses are mainly suitable for most face types such as a face-shaped round face, a melon face, and a square face. Note: If the degree of the glasses is too high, it is not advisable to wear women rimless glasses. Because the degree is too high, the lens will be thickened appropriately, so that the women rimless glasses will appear bloated.

Frameless fashion glasses are mainly suitable for most face types such as face round face, melon face, square face.


The style of women rimless glasses is more fashionable, rich in color, comfortable to wear, greatly relieves the pressure on the bridge of the nose and eyes, and because there is no frame constraint, the wearer's field of vision is also wider, so it is favored by young glasses.


After wearing the frame mirror for a period of time, the lack of beauty in the United States will be revealed - the screws at the hole are easy to loose, the wearer should always add after-sales service - tighten the screws; the store will suffer intangible losses - quality and reputation are affected. And because there is no bracket support, when the glasses are placed on the hard object, they will directly contact the lens, which will easily cause the lens to wear. In addition, when the rotation or torsion is applied, the force will directly act on the lens, so when the force is When it is too large, it is easy to cause damage to the lens.