What Is The Difference Between Half-rim Glasses And Full-framed Glasses?

- Jul 19, 2018-

Wearing a full-frame glasses frame, occasionally a pair of more temperament half-rim glasses frame is a good choice. However, we must know that although the half-rim glasses frame is only half a frame less than the full frame glasses frame, there are still a lot of hidden problems involved. Let's talk about it.

Compared with the full-frame glasses, the half-rim glasses have a wider field of vision. I believe that many people who wear the half-frame and the full-frame glasses will have a deep understanding. Because the lower half of the glasses are not framed, so when we are at things, When you look down, the field of vision becomes wider. Unlike the full-frame glasses, when you look down, the line of sight is blocked by the lower half of the frame, which is very inconvenient. half-rim glasses are less material and lighter, which can reduce the weight of the glasses and reduce the pressure on the nose of the wearer. half-rim glasses are easier to clean and maintain. We are often stumped by the lens dust of the full-frame glasses and the fine dust in the frame, and if we blindly clean the particles, it will inevitably damage the lens, and the half-rim glasses But don't let people worry too much about this issue.

In fact, about the half-rim glasses not only has its advantages, but also some notable wearing matters, such as try not to wear half-rim glasses for intense sports, so as to avoid lens damage to the eyes; higher degree myopia patients Do not wear half-rim glasses.