What Kind Of Face Type Is Suitable For Women Rimless Glasses?

- Jul 19, 2018-

The women rimless glasses are one type of glasses, because they are not supported by the frame on the periphery of the lens, but the frame is not directly supported by the temples on both sides, so it is called women rimless glasses. The women rimless glasses are not suitable for all myopia, and they have certain matching conditions. So, what kind of face type is the women rimless glasses suitable for?

Glasses can be roughly divided into three types: full-frame glasses, half-frame glasses, and women rimless glasses. However, the glasses of different types have different effects, and the suitable people are different.

For example, women rimless glasses, in short, are glasses with only glasses and glasses. Because there is no bounding frame, the glasses will be slightly comfortable and light. If you wear them, it is also very beautiful. Therefore, many people choose women rimless glasses when choosing glasses.

The women rimless glasses are not wrapped in the frame of the glasses, and the glasses are perfectly presented. It is very ornamental. In life, we will see a lot of people wearing women rimless glasses. Compared with the framed glasses, there is no limit to the face shape, which is suitable for most face types. Whether you are square face, long face or round face, wearing women rimless glasses is fashionable and beautiful, and is very popular among young business men and women in the present.

Although women rimless glasses have no special restrictions on the face type, that is, women rimless glasses are suitable for most face types. No matter what your face type, any hoodless glasses will not give people a feeling of "earth". Have a stylish and beautiful feeling.

In addition, women rimless glasses are also very easy to match with clothing. However, we can not ignore the shortcomings, that is, the women rimless glasses have no frame stability. Due to the structural limitations, the women rimless glasses may be loose after wearing for a certain period of time, which requires frequent repairs at the optical shop.

The women rimless glasses, although suitable for most face users, are not suitable for high myopia. Because the higher the degree, the lens will be later, so wearing women rimless glasses will have a feeling of unsightly and uncoordinated.

In addition, those who like sports myopia are not recommended to wear women rimless glasses. Because of the violent movement, it is easy to cause the lens to rupture, which in turn poses a threat to eye health.