Which Is Better For Half-rim Glasses And Full-frame Glasses?

- Jul 19, 2018-

half-rim glasses are ok? With more and more people wearing glasses, many people will be entangled with a full frame or a half frame when pairing glasses.

In fact, it should be said that the full frame glasses frame and the half-rim glasses frame have their own advantages and disadvantages.

half-rim glasses

The half-frame glasses frame is between the full frame and the frameless. It is lighter and more stable, which highlights the fashion sense. It has both the wisdom of the business elite and the natural and easy-to-use affinity.

It is suitable for wearing a wide range of occasions, business occasions, casual occasions, gatherings can be worn, stylish and calm, the current grade of life.

Full frame glasses

The full frame glasses frame is a type of frame that is more commonly used nowadays. It is characterized by firmness, easy setting and strong hardness.

The full-frame glasses frame is mostly made of sheet materials. The style is sporty and fashionable. It is chased by the young people nowadays. The styles are diverse, the colors are rich, and the thickness of some lenses can be covered, and the appearance is very good.

It's hard to say that these two frames are better, depending on personal preferences and habits.

Reminder: Some parts of the half frame can not cover the lens. If the degree is high, the lens will be thicker when processed, and the thickness of the half frame lens will be directly seen, which will affect the appearance.

When the frame is full, the mirror ring will cover a part of the lens thickness, so that the actual thickness of the lens is not visible to the outside world, and the appearance is much better.

The same glasses material, half-frame glasses will be lighter, the field of vision will be more open, if the degree is not high, you can try glasses such as the lower half of the frame, it will be more refined.

In general, these two types of frames will look good as long as they match their temperament.