Why Is The Evaluation Of Half-rim Glasses Getting Higher And Higher?

- Jul 19, 2018-

Usually the first thing that comes up with frame glasses is that the lenses are made of different materials and wrapped into various shapes, but in fact, half-rim glasses are also a kind of frame glasses. The characteristics of the semi-rimmed glasses are that the entire frame is composed of lenses, temples and beams, and in recent years, half-rim glasses have also been favored by consumers.

So why half-rim glasses can get a lot of praise after the launch, Xiaobian concluded that the advantages of half-rim glasses include the following:

The first and second frame glasses have lighter and more fashionable features than the framed glasses (full frame). And because the half-rim glasses do not have a full frame, they are lighter and more comfortable to wear, which is more effective in relieving the oppression of the frame to the bridge of the nose; at the same time, it gives the wearer an excellent view.

The second and half-rim glasses are suitable for more types of face types, which can be easily blended and improved the overall shape of the wearer. There is no mismatch in improper selection, and it is not as easy to grab the wearer's own limelight as the framed glasses.

Third, the brand's half-rim glasses are more thoughtful in design. half-rim glasses design always has a "fashion quality", especially for men and women in the workplace, for the handsome and cool points.

In fact, about the half-rim glasses not only has its advantages, but also some notable wearing matters, such as try not to wear half-rim glasses for intense sports, so as to avoid lens damage to the eyes; higher degree myopia patients It is best not to wear half-rim glasses.