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Name: Tamzin
Model: 97569
Frame price: $18.95
Color: pink tortoiseshell purple yellow black white

Product Details

Name: Tamzin

Model: 97569

Frame price: $18.95

Color: pink tortoiseshell purple yellow black white

Freight: free shipping

Description: cat eye frame with resin material, not only decrease the whole weight of glasses but also provides unique charm.

Website: https://www.wherelight.com/wl/GetInfo-1575.html


• Available in different color combinations to personalize your look

• Adjustable silicone nose pads

• Acetate temples molded around the ears for comfort

• Metal single bridge with banded detail

• Progressive-friendly

• Comes in hard case, and cleaning cloth

Custom comments: I have a serious obsession with having different peepers for every occasion. My two new pair from WhereLight are both prefect.

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Our promise:
Quality Guaranteed 
Our unconditional refund policy implies that we make a rod for our own back if we don’t sternly control the eyeglasses quality. The optical professionals at Wherelight will constantly check the quality of frames and inspect the accuracy of lens prescription through all the stages of lenses fitting. All the orders will finally be checked again before shipping to your home.


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