Women Rose Golden Glasses

Name: Balcher
Model: 92136
Frame price: $15.95
Color: other tortoiseshell pink red green black

Product Details

Name: Balcher 

Model: 92136 

Frame price: $15.95

Color: other tortoiseshell pink red green black

Freight: free shipping

Website: https://www.wherelight.com/wl/GetInfo-1592.html

full rim designer style frame.
Balcher features in its cat eye frame, which is the point to express the charm. And this makes one of the best sellers in wherelight website.
Suitable for women.
They are quite light in weight, and easy to wear and pick.

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Customer comments: Loveeeeee my glasses, hope to try other new frame next time. 


Why choose US?
At Wherelight, we are dedicated to taking care of your eyes. To make it easier for people to be able to buy great quality eyewear at affordable prices is our pursuit. Your eyes are precious; which means the windows to the world. So, we are always trying to cater to our customers’ needs of eyewear by providing them high quality eyewear with affordable price.


Professional knowledge:
The function of corrective lenses is taking the images back into the retina. And different prescriptions have different eyeglasses, they are specially customized by optometrist. The specifications of the existing eyeglasses could be verified by lensmeter. Corrective eyeglasses will considerably improve the life quality of the user. Not solely do they enhance the wearer's visual expertise, however may also cut back issues that result from eye strain, reminiscent of headaches or squinting.

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