Women Purple Half Rim Oval Glasses

Name: Emelia
Model: 6623
Color: purple red pink
Weight: 10g
Gender: Women

Product Details

Name: Emelia

Model: 6623

Color: purple red pink 

Weight: 10g 

Gender: Women  

Shape: oval

Frame price: $15.95

Freight: free shipping

Website: https://www.wherelight.com/wl/GetInfo-1186.html


● Stylish frame is a simple look, for the low key individual.

● Metal Frame 

● Works with single vision & progressive prescriptions.

● A number of customizable options including temples types, ask your operator for details!

● A number of color options are available. 

● Each wherelight Eyeglasses come with cleaning cloth & generic protective case.

Knowledge about OU:

OU means oculi uterque, represents 2 eyes in latin. Pls note: in some countries, such as the great Brittan, it will be instead by RE, LE and BE. Sometimes only use right and left eyes only.

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