Women Purple Designer Sunglasses

Name: Karol
Model: 28026
Color: purple golden
Weight: 32g
Gender: Women

Product Details

Name: Karol

Model: 28026

Color: purple golden

Weight: 32g 

Gender: Women 

Style: designer

Frame price: $19.95

Freight: free shipping

Material: mix & match

Website: https://www.wherelight.com/wl/GetInfo-823.html


Karol is a full frame in rectangle shape; one of the best sellers this month.

On top of the rims, there are resin golden material, it features in mixing the cool style with feminine. 

The same color temples extend, to make it more a whole.

The detailed frame information is printed in the temples.

Suitable for women. 

A cleaning cloths and carriable case will be sent to package the sunglasses.


We recommend giving your eyes more frequent breaks by looking into the distance much more often – even when you are in the middle of working on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. And make sure your eyes are exposed to enough brightness while ensuring they are adequately protected against excessive UV and blue-violet light.

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